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MÏLWATCH Luxe Woman Silver

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MÏLWATCH Luxe Woman Silver




MÏLWATCH and MÏLWATCH Pro : will only notify incoming calls on your phone and you can reject them from your watch.

MÏLWATCH Luxe Woman and MÏLWATCH Luxe Man : CAN send and receive calls.

Yes, you can receive and read all messages on your MÏLWATCH (WhatsApp and SMS).

Also you can get notifications from Email, Facebook, Instagram and other Apps

At present, our MÏLWATCHs do not have an on-screen keyboard or voice keyboard so that you can not respond to incoming messages. We are still studying how to implement this because the simple solutions to solve this are to use keyboards like those of the first mobile phones (like that Nokia we all had) or talk through the watch like Michael Knight did with his car in the 90's, remember? Vintage is cool, but our designers are trying to find a better solution.

Our MÏLWATCHs do not yet include NFC technology. We hope that 2022 will bring us this improvement.

Our watches are competitively priced because we don't run expensive advertising campaigns like Apple or Samsung. Nor do we invest in large amounts of stock and warehousing. We are a conscious and environmentally friendly company. We work a lot with data and very closely with our manufacturers to make the whole process efficient, without wasting resources or goods. This saving of resources allows us to offer very competitive prices, making it easier for many people to benefit from affordable consumer technology with sophisticated design.

Like big brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Asus, etc, we manufacture our products in China because that is where the main suppliers of chips and materials are located.

We also store our products in China and ship them from there. This allows us to have much more flexibility because we are close to our manufacturers, so we can plan production and stock more efficiently, thus avoiding waste of resources.

This is different from the way brands traditionally work.

The old way was to manufacture in China and take the stock to each country (this greatly increases the cost and the final price for the customer). To be able to do this, businesses would have to plan and produce many units in advance, which sometimes are not sold and end up in the trash to avoid selling them at a low price and discrediting the brand.

So instead of doing that, we work on a continuous cycle where every week we adjust sales, production and storage forecasts to avoid wasting resources.

This is great for the environment and good for you because we manage to control costs and offer you a more competitive and affordable price!

For all these reasons, our approximate delivery time is 10-20 days.

We understand fast shipping is preferred and offered by many mega-brands. But we believe it is more important to be environmentally friendly and efficient, as well as support our fulfillment team.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email our Customer Service team at info@themilbrand.com

Basic directions:

1. Download the App

2. Turn on the watch

3. Connect the watch using the App


Inside the box of your watch you will find a small manual with instructions. They are usually in English. If you need them in another language or in a larger size, please write to us at info@themilbrand.com and we will send them to you by email.

Technical service: We have a technical service department to help you with whatever you need. If something is broken or not working, we will ask you to send us a photo or video to show the defect, once received and evaluated, we will send you a new watch. All benefits, solved without leaving your home: You won't have to go anywhere or send the product back.

If you need help to use any function of the watch or connect it (although it is very simple, just install the app and it will automatically connect the watch) the technical team will help you with video instructions to make it very easy for you.

2 years warranty

100% orders delivered

All our payments are 100% secure

Extensive customer service