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    Comprehensive insurance for MÏLWATCH

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    Comprehensive insurance for MÏLWATCH

    To cover damages not included in the Legal Guarantee and Limited Warranty, you can choose to purchase the Extended Damage Coverage service.

    What does this service cover?

    1- Damage from broken glass, broken screens or broken plastic, scratches and/or dents due to misuse or negligence.
    2- Damage caused by an accident, abuse or misuse, contact with liquids, fire. 
    3- Damage due to high temperatures, extreme humidity, use of chemical products, salt, soap and detergents.
    4- Damages derived from services (repair, updating or improvements) carried out by a third party that is not MÏL. 
    5- Damage caused by use with products other than MÏL.


    1. The Extended Damage Coverage service will have a different economic value depending on the product for which you buy this service. Make sure you select the model you wish to cover correctly.

    2. It will only be valid if it is contracted before the product is received.

    3. The Extended Damage Coverage will serve to obtain, for one time only, the complete replacement of a damaged MÏL Product with another one of the same or similar characteristics, both in terms of hardware and software. The use of this service does not constitute an extension of the Legal or Limited Warranty previously acquired by the Original Product, and does not give rise to a new two-year period of the limited warranty or legal guarantee of the new product obtained from the delivery of the same.

    Duration of extended damage coverage: 

    The duration of this service is extended from the date of purchase of this service and up to 2 years, or one-time use of this service. After this period or use of this service to obtain a new MÏL Product will lose its validity. 

    MÏL will require the obligatory presentation of the ticket, proof of purchase or invoice for the purchase of this service in order to apply its coverage.

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